Bedworth Dog Training Club
We Show You How To Train Your Dog


Always Remember A Well Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog



Welcome to Bedworth Dog Training
And The Griffin Clickers Display Team







                                Please look on here before coming training in case training is cancelled




Bedworth Dog Training Club 

The Bermuda Phoenix Centre Pet Dog Training Nuneaton
Wilnecote Pet Dog Training Tamworth 
Middleton Hall Pet Dog Training Tamworth  

Kennel Club Listed  
We are a nonprofit organisation 
 Dog Training In Nuneaton
Indoor Dog Training At     
The Bermuda Phoenix Centre
cv10 7hu
Every Friday Night

Dog Training In Tamworth

Wilnecote Dog Training Section Tamworth

At Wilnecote Parish Hall 

 Watling St, Two Gates

B77 5AD

Every Monday Night from 6pm 

                                                                               Middleton  Section 

                                                                                               Outdoor Training


                                                                                                     B78 2AE

                                                                                Every Saturday from 9am until 10am

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At Bedworth Dog Training Club

We offer affordable dog training to all of the region

We Show You How To Train Your Dog




All About Bedworth Dog Training 
All pet dog training, Puppy, Juniors, Beginners,
Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced Plus.

We also provide clicker training and Heelwork to music.

If we can help in any way please get in touch by email 

and we will get back to you.

Don't let your dog give you the run around
So come along and we can help you to put fun back into
owning well trained dog.
You only move up a class when we test you,that could be
weeks or more.

We will allow you to work at your own pace, be that fast or slow.

You will get all the time needed to make sure you are on the
right format of training.

One to one help is available if needed.

Our Instructor's Can Help With Most Problems

Please take a look at our Sponsor page.

We have now been going for over 18 years
at Wilnecote Tamworth
        Wilnecote Parish Hall       
            Watling St, Two Gates
                   B77 5AD

When we train                      
Training at Wilnecote is on a Monday evening and at
The Bermuda Phoenix  Centre training takes place on a
Friday evening and at Middleton Section on Saturday.
You will need to contact us prior to coming along to
these venues as they are indoors and places are limited.
Middleton Hall training is done outdoors
There are up to six Instructors on hand to show you
how to have fun and train your dog at the same time.

The Griffin Clicker Display team want to help you find the joy of owning a well trained dog. We also attend charity events free of charge, just visit the relevant page on this site for more details.

You never know, you might enjoy yourself so much you decide to
work your way up to joining our heelwork to music display team.
So come along and have a go
For more info on training or Booking a Display please go
to the contact page
Bedworth Dog Training Club are a not for
profit organisation and therefore are able to offer
affordable training for you and your best friend.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any dog
related issues and we will do our best to help.

Ring us on 07794492164

The Griffin Clickers Have Been an Established
Demonstration Team for over 18 Years Now