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The biggest mistake I see every year with dogs

Here it is:

Most Common Dog Training Mistake - Waiting to train

Waiting to train is the biggest mistake I see year after
year. Some of the worst advice ever given is the "Wait"
until your dog is 6 months old."
By waiting, your dog develops behaviours that have
to be

It's much easier to prevent a behaviour than
it is to
try and teach a dog to stop doing a behaviour.

For instance, it is much easier to teach a puppy to greet

without jumping than it is to train a 6 month old dog to
stop jumping once the behaviour has started.

It's also important to start training as soon as you see

any behaviours you don't like. A perfect example is

Most of the aggressive dogs that I have dealt had owners
that waited until the dog actually bit someone
before they
called me, even though all the warning signs
were there.

At the first signs of aggression, the owner should contact
a trainer and start working with the dog.
Aggression is like
a snowball going downhill.

It starts as a small ball of snow and then gets bigger and
bigger until it is uncontrollable.

Always take action when it comes to training.


How can I get my dog to listen to my wife

Sometimes its the other way around.

Anyway I am going to share with you the
simplest way to get a dog to listen to

Husband, wife, child, elderly family member,
doesn’t matter.

Would you like to know how it is done?


All you need is a small plastic box and
some treats.

The plastic box can be purchased at just about
any pet store or online.

It’s also known as a clicker.

Clickers can help you train any dog. If you
are having problems training your dog, start
using a clicker and you’ll be AMAZED at the
response you get from your dog.

See, a clicker works purely on the principles
of behavior.

Birds, dolphins, Killer Whales, chickens, and
many other animals are trained using clickers.

Once you start training using a clicker, you
can train your dog to do just about anything.

Do this right and dog training becomes a piece
of cake.

You can get more information about clicker
training on The Dog Training Inner Circle.

or Just ask any instructor